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  About Limassol


The seaside town of Limassol lies between the most important ancient cities of Curium and Amathus. Many archaeological sites are close to Limassol the nearest being the medieval Castle where eight centuries ago the English King Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre.

In modern times Limassol has quickly become a town on the move. Traditionally the home of wine industry, it developed into a large centre of trade and industry and has become the island's largest seaport. Limassol is now a successful centre for shipping and other international business companies. In fact, most of the international companies registered in Cyprus have their offices in Limassol and in several cases these offices are World Headquarters.

In parallel to trade industry, Limassol, by virtue of its excellent geographic position as well as the graciousness of its people, has developed into a major tourist destination and it now provides both business and leisure facilities of the highest standards.


Among the many good reasons why Limassol has become an attractive choice for international investors are:

  • Long tradition as leading trade and industry centre.
  • Pioneer of modern corporate facilities in Cyprus .
  • Geographically central for access to all other towns.
  • Largest port facilities.
  • Leader in shipping services.
  • Proximity to the island's mountain resorts.
  • Easy access to sports such as skiing, sea sports and golf.