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About Larnaca

Situated near the ancient city of Cition, Larnaca now hosts the main international airport and a sizeable port and marina.

Cition was the ancient city where the leading stoic philosopher Zenon and the famous physician Apollonius flourished. Near Larnaca international airport lies the famous and venerated Islamic site of the Halal Sultan Tekke.

Within Larnaca district, one can visit several monasteries, the most important being the Stavrovouni Monastery. In the vicinity there is the village of Lefkara, famous for its hand-made Lefkara lace.

Modern Larnaca is also a tourist destination featuring apart from modern hotels and other facilities, the famous Phinicoudhes (or little palm trees) promenade, where one can swim or simply bask in the sun and enjoy the amenities of the many cafes and restaurants nearby.