Maximos Plaza




is the company in the Maximos Group which concentrates on the development of prime land.
A notable example of the company's project is the Maximos Plaza, a modern commercial building complex situated in the middle of the new business centre of Limassol. The complex is adjacent to the town's most important five-road junction and in the immediate neighborhood of modern office blocks and important public buildings such as the Law Courts and the Municipal Museum.
The Maximos Plaza Complex comprises modern office suites, shopping arcades and a central piazza with a restaurant, thus enhancing the attractiveness of this exclusive complex in the town of Limassol.

Clearly a class above the rest, the Maximos Plaza is the flagship development of the Maximos Group.




Exclusive shops and Office-suites to let at Limassol's most sought after location

A good address has always been a vital tool in doing business. Businessmen and professionals are more discerning than ever in choosing their offices. In addition to a convenient and central location their ideal work-place must be provided with advanced facilities compatible with their prestigious corporate image. Such an address would be:

Maximos Plaza
Maximos Michaelides street
3106 Limassol





Maximos Plaza is uniquely occupying a triangular site encompassed by three main avenues and is located in what has become the most prestigious area of the town of Limassol for businesses wishing to establish offices here.
Close to the district court, the museum and the public gardens and only a few hundred meters from the sea, the Plaza is bounded on the two main traffic routes entering Limassol, from the seafront promenade (Makarios III Avenue) and from the Nicosia - Limassol highway (Grivas Dighenis Avenue) - the third road (Paparigopoulos street) fast becoming a vital road link.
More recently and following the passing away of the founder, the Lemesos (Limassol) Municipality has named the road encompassing the Maximos Plaza after Maximos Michaelides in memoriam.
As a result, the Plaza's unique location allowed for an impressive development of a total of 84 exclusive stores, showrooms and shops at ground floor level, while offering functional office space on the remaining five floors as well as a two-storey under ground car - park for the privileged tenants and their visitors.
This commanding triangular complex covers approximately 27000 square meters and is designed around a central Piaza which is an attractive pedestrian area with a garden and terraces. A café - restaurant located within the Piaza for the relaxation and convenience of shoppers and office personnel offers western and oriental cuisine.
At each of the three corners of the complex, stands a multi-storey tower of office suites.
Each tower has its own separate ground floor entrance with high-speed elevators and staircases to all the upper levels. Each lobby area is elegant and sleek and porterage service is available.
The towers provide 4200 square meters of open-plan office space each. Generous column - free design areas offer maximum flexibility and the ability to adapt the space to the individual requirements of the tenant.

Equally important is the use of the latest technology.





  • Duplex elevators with emergency evacuation device.
  • Elevator emergency hands-free intercom system.
  • Air conditioning and ventilating system.
  • Compartmental trunking for power and telecommunications.
  • Appropriate telecommunications system and data outlets distribution.
  • Modern lighting appropriate to all areas / emergency lighting.
  • Entrance access control.
  • Burglar alarm system (optional)
  • Fire alarm system.
  • Lightning protection system.


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The first class image of the project is achieved through the use of high quality materials and careful attention given to detail.
Clearly a class above the rest, the Maximos Plaza is the flagship development of the Maximos Group.

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